KOS Hot Runner Coil Heater, Professional Customized Electric Coil Heaters
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KOS mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of electric coil heater elements. Have 20 years of experience in the production of electric coil heaters. The production of hot runner coil heater, good quality and high reliability, has been sale all over the country and exported overseas. KOS hot runner coil heater is widely used in hot runner system, heating engineering, mold, plastic industry, including the transfer machinery, medical equipment, casting process, welding, heat treatment process and many other industries and fields. Spring-type electric heating coil, heat stable, durable, long life and reasonable price, can be customized according to customer requirements for various models of the electric heating element.

KOS spring heating ring external using high quality CrNi steel, the internal use of high purity magnesium oxide and first-class technology and manufacture. Spring coil heater's heating wire is passed through fire, with flexibility can be bent into an arc or circle heating. Its high working temperature, fast heating, uniform heating precision, long service life, can automatically control area, high thermal conduction, while internal heating material damage, external can reuse. The Secretary for the production of hot runner coil spring heater in the process specifications are not on the size and type of restrictions, can be based on customer needs, can be in accordance with the requirements of designer needs spring heating coil products. Hot runner spring heating ring has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, fast heating, uniform cooling, good insulation properties, high voltage characteristics. Electric heating coil products such as: stainless steel heating coil, coil heaters, mica heating coil, ceramic heating coil, copper heating coil, aluminum heating coil ... ...

KOS supplies all kinds of size, power, electric coil heater, use the high-quality stainless steel, nickel alloy and high insulating materials, strict processing technology. KOS electric heating coils are circular, square cross section, flat section and closed forms, can according to customer drawings or sample custom, outer surface after bright and sandblasted, with K type, J type or E type thermocouple. Coil heater is widely used in hot runner plastic mold, blow molding machine, extrusion machine and hot mouth ( sprue sleeve and the nozzle ). Applicable to high-end electric heating components for plastic forming and mold making industries. We boast rich experience in the manufacture of electric heating components, with the product quality subject to the European CE Criteria.

KOS machinery wide range of services at home and abroad mold, household appliances, automobile manufacturing, daily necessities, medical supplies, packaging supplies, electronic accessories, blowing machines, injection molding machines and die casting industries and other related fields. After years of painstaking research and development has accumulated a wealth of experience and solutions, has won a good reputation in the new and old customers, in order to ensure the quality of products, from product development and design to production assembly and service, have used the years of management experience, and recent foreign technology, to achieve a more comprehensive product line and product quality. KOS machinery factory has advanced production equipment and a group of skilled R&D team to provide a reliable guarantee. With the "honesty and credibility, quality first, customer first" business purpose and principle. Product quality, fast delivery and perfect after sales service to meet user requirements, over the years, with our modern management, excellent quality, thoughtful service win our customers trust and peer recognition. We are firm in faith, and constantly improve, constantly updated, and constantly open up the domestic/overseas market, and dedication to new and old customer service! Welcome!