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Hot Runner Coil Heater Maintenance
Use a multimeter to check coil heater's power and thermocouple for damage, if must be replaced, follow these steps:

1, Remove hot half from the mold.

2, Remove the positioning ring (the other function of the positioning ring is fixed the hot nozzle).

3, With M3 screw installed on the lifting hole, remove the hot nozzle, attention coil heaters can not be squeezed.

4, Remove the snap ring and coil heater heat shield.

5, Hold the hot nozzle's head, rotate clockwise and turn to the outside and pull the hcoil heater gradually out of the hot nozzle.

6, When installing a new wire, coil heater should be closely aligns with the hot nozzle body, the front end of the coil heater should reach the ring groove of hot nozzle inner core front end.

7, Turn the coil heater clockwise, so that it move to the hot nozzle head, to ensure that the heating wire completely reach the front end of hot nozzle, the coil heater distribution on the hot nozzle both ends closer and middle sparser.

8, Install the coil heater heat shield, if the heat shield is tight, check the coil heater whether installed in place.

9, Installed snap spring.

10, Detect coil heater's standard resistance and calculate the power (coil heater engraved with standard power), detect thermocouple resistance value (0 or lower resistance).

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