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Hot runner coil heater (heater, heating coil)

Cross section of the product specifications: 3 * 2, 3, 4 * 3.5 * 3.5, 3.3 * 3.3 can be installed with K, J, E and so on various thermocouple

Product features: long service life, heat faster

1, Specially designed for hot runner, uses the high quality stainless steel material and strict technology made into round, square and flat shaped cross section of a variety of shapes, and can take K type J type and E type thermocouple.

Hot runner of injection parts used for the plastic industry for high temperature heating, this article adopts the closed stainless steel manufacture, effectively prevent leak adhesive and damage, and is the ideal units used, the temperature of this product service life is long, and not easy to burn out.

2, Electric heating circle performance advantages: this product is installed flexible, heat fast, good insulation, production is not affected by the size of the type and specification limits, etc.

3, Advantages

◆ The shell material: CrNi steel.

◆ Internal insulation: strong compression magnesium oxide.

◆ Pieces of hair hotline is made after the tempering process, the wind can be in various shapes.

◆ Sufficient heat contact area, the most efficient heat transfer.

◆ Heat insulation effect is good, long service life.

◆ The mixer is mechanical impact resistance.

◆ Good quality, small thermal inertia.

◆ Mixer working temperature can be increased to 700 degrees Celsius (1300 degrees Fahrenheit).

◆ The shape of the pieces can be bent into various requirements. Optional built-in thermocouple type (J and K).

◆ A variety of different cross section shape, can meet various needs.

A variety of specifications can be customized according to customer's request! Buy your customized hot runner coil heater here.