What is the difference between traditional coil heater and electromagnetic induction coil heater
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Advantages Electromagnetic Induction Coil Heater
What is the difference between traditional coil heater and electromagnetic induction coil heater

With the continuous reform and innovation of electric heater industry, the new electric heaters come quickly, and today we explain the differences between traditional coil heater and the electromagnetic induction coil heater:

The traditional electric coil heater has the following defects:

First, the heat loss is too large: the current heating mostly enterprises to adopt, wound by the resistance wire, electric coil heater inside and outside of both sides are heating, the inside heat transfer to the barrel, and most of the outside of the heat lost to the air, the formation of waste power energy.

Second, The ambient temperature rises: due to lost a lot of the heat, the ambient temperature rise, especially in summer a great impact on the production environment, field operating temperature more than 45℃, some companies had to use air conditioning to reduce the temperature, which in turn causes secondary energy waste.

Third, short service life, large amount of maintenance: Due to the resistance wire heating, the heating temperature up to 300℃ or so, at a high temperature the resistance wire easy to aging and burnout, electric coil heater service life about half a year on average, so that maintenance work relatively large.

The advantages of energy saving electromagnetic induction coil heater:

First, the energy saving effect: Compared to the original resistance wire heating coil saving effect in more than 30%, according to the different raw materials, the production of different products, energy-saving effect change. But at present has been used products the energy-saving efficiency up to 80%.

Second, the environmental protection effect: Can significantly reduce the ambient temperature.

Third, long service life: coil heater continuous operating the temperature is only about 60℃, the coil heater replacement problem does not exist, the service life of 5-10 years, compare to the original resistance wire heating reduce the secondary input.

Fourth, improve product quality and yield: due to electromagnetic induction heating high heating efficiency, heating uniformity, so that the quality and yield of products increased significantly.