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Application and Precautions of Cast Aluminum Coil Heater
Cast aluminum coil heater, as the name suggests is made from high quality metal aluminum alloy as the shell raw materials, after the die-casting forming electric heater, tubular heating elements as heating element constituted. By the KOS electric coil heater technology staff for many years industry research, it enters the die cast into a variety of different shapes, such as: round, rectangular type, flat type, and other special-shaped and so on, after careful processing it with the heated object close together. Cast aluminum heater is a highly efficient heat evenly heater, have excellent thermal conductivity metal alloy, ensuring a uniform surface temperature, hot and cold spots removal equipment, making it longer service life, better insulation properties, strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties. Its surface load can reach 1 ~ 5.0W / cm2, does not exceed the maximum temperature of the heated 380 ℃, can increase heat insulation on the outer surface according to customer requirements, internal heat more efficiently so that it can save electricity around 30%.

Cast aluminum coil heater application:

Extensive application in the chemical, rubber, plastic machinery, die, oil, cable machinery, alloy die-casting machine, mold, drying and other equipment.

Cast aluminum coil heater precautions:

1, fixed aluminum heater, no empty burning, heating area and heated area must be combined effectively;

2, the working voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated value;

3, the air relative humidity should not be too large, it should be maintained at around 95%, non-explosive and corrosive gases;

4, should be stored in a dry place, if long-term placement, insulation of the wire insulation resistance at 1MΩ, simply red phase bake for about six hours at 200 degrees, you can resume normal use.

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