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Cast Aluminum Coil Heater In Industry
The role of cast aluminum coil heater in the industrial field

Cast aluminum heater is the industry's more common to use an electric heater product. Cast aluminum heater no fixed shape, can be produced according to customer requirements. In the industrial field the common cast aluminum heater is normal coil shape and plate shape two shapes, which is what we usually refer to cast aluminum coil heater and cast aluminum heating plate.

Cast aluminum coil heater internal is composed of heating pipe element as a heating body, the appearance is aluminum alloy as the main material, after pouring formation. By kos company many years of experience in production and sales to draw some conclusions: cast aluminum coil heater is high power, fast heating, high heating efficiency, excellent thermal conductivity metal alloy, ensuring a uniform surface temperature, removal of equipment of hot and cold spots, longer service life, better insulation properties, strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties. If add a layer of metal insulation on the surface of cast aluminum coil heater, it will effectively stop heat dissipation of cast aluminum coil heater, thus saving some electricity consumption.

Cast aluminum coil heater widely used for plastic machinery, medical equipment, wire and cable, molds and other industrial equipment. Because it is a custom product, it can with mechanical perfect combination, which greatly improve the efficiency of machinery.

When using cast aluminum coil heater we should pay attention to several points: cast aluminum coil heater same as other electric heater products cannot be empty burning, this will cause serious injury to the internal heating pipes. Commissioning current voltage before use, should not exceed the rated voltage of cast aluminum coil heater. During storage, as far as possible on the dry and ventilated storage room, since the cast aluminum coil heater appearance is metal material, encounter moist air easily oxidized. If cast aluminum coil heater appeared unable to solve problems, you should consult regular manufacturers, must not to repair yourself, to avoid unpredictable consequences.