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Ceramic and Mica Coil Heater
The difference between the ceramic electric coil heater and the stainless steel mica electric coil heater

First, An overview of the ceramic electric coil heater and the stainless steel mica electric coil heater:

1, The ceramic coil heater is not made of general mica scratch line, but the use of ceramic wire, so the product power is higher than the ordinary 0.5~1.5 times.

2, Stainless steel mica coil heater is using high quality nickel-chromium alloy heating wire as heating element, using natural mica insulation group formed around, the outer layer is made of high quality stainless steel as heat conductive layer, mica coil heater can be machined according to customer demands into ring, plate, and various special-shaped products.

Second, The difference of the advantages and disadvantages:

1, Ceramic coil heater has winding, bent into a curved, tiled form or circular wrap covering the surface heating, ceramic coil heater good insulation properties, high-temperature heating aspect can meet the requirements, high operating temperature, heating up fast, uniform heating accurate. Ceramic coil heater long life, easy installation, a small possibility of damage, even if the internal heating material damage, external still can be reused, and our products can be automatically controlled.

2, Stainless steel mica electric coil heater performance advantages: with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, uniform heating, fast cooling, long service life, good insulation properties, high pressure resistant and so on.

Third, Different materials:

1, Ceramic electric coil heater external material used ceramic, heating element for the import of round wire ceramic torsion spring-like penetration into ceramic ring, ceramic is high-frequency with fast heat, hard and non-friable, high temperature no deformation not aging characteristics.

2, Stainless steel mica coil heater made of stainless steel and mica as raw materials, in the production is not limited by size specifications can be done either with a small size nozzle heating, and can be used for heating the plastic on the machine barrel.

Fourth, The maximum heating temperature is different:

Ceramic coil heater heating temperature up to about 700 - 800 degrees. Stainless steel mica coil heater heating maximum temperature can reach about 200 degrees.

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