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Ceramic Coil Heater Characteristics and Failure Analysis
Ceramic Coil Heater Characteristics

1, The ceramic coil heater has the heat transfer fast, heating uniform, and working stable.

2, Ceramic coil heater with temperature not leaking, can save energy, housing do not hot touch by hand, work safety.

3, The ceramic coil heater power is high, and the power of the ceramic bar with heating wire is 0.5~1.5 times higher than the ordinary one.

4, Ceramic coil heater used European and American high-temperature heating wire, with fast cooling, heating uniformity, high temperature stability characteristics, can be used for a long time at 600-800 ℃.

5, Ceramic coil heater long product service life, because of the raw materials aging more slowly at high temperatures so product is long life.

6, Ceramic coil heater in line with the national GB technical requirements. Power Tolerance + 5% ∽-10%.

7, Ceramic coil heater electric strength: The voltage 1500v / 50Hz sinusoidal AC voltage test, no breakdown by 1MIN.

This non-normality of overheating damage of the main reasons is because the electrical wiring installation method is not correct. With conventional electrical equipment, components, circuit connectors (contact) require different is that the electrical heating element in addition to the requirements of the joint wiring is correct, reliable, low contact resistance, it also requires that it should have a certain heat dissipation performance and high resistance to oxidation rust. The reasons of oxidation corrosion phenomenon in addition to the heating element workplace is more severe corrosive gases and liquids (eg thermostatic waterbath, salt bath), high temperature oxidation corrosion is the most common direct cause of the damage to the heating element joint.

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