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Coil Heater Power
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Plastic extrusion machine or mold have to use electric heating coil, once the damage needs immediate replacement. Supporting a time buy, but to the nearest processing. However, no clear markers, reported no relevant technical data, processing plants can not start.

This simple calculation can help you solve a problem, may wish to control it:

Heating zone diameter (cm) × 3.14 × height (cm) × 2.5w = Heating power

If your mains voltage is 220v, notify the manufacturer of processing voltage 230V calculated in accordance with such low power at night when the heating coil is not easy because the grid voltage is too high and burn heating coil.

Note: try to use the heating wire nickel chromium wire, iron chrome wire if used, the service life will be greatly reduced.

Stainless steel :1.5-4W / square centimeter

Aluminum :2.5-4 .5 W / square centimeter

Ceramic :1.5-4W / square centimeter

Copper: 4W / square centimeter

Cast: Max 6.5W / square centimeter

Quartz: 5.5W / square centimeter