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Coil Heater Working Ways
What are the common ways of coil heater works

Now, in the twenty-first century, many electric products are required to use coil heater such accessory. According to the energy conversion exists different situations, so the working ways classification of coil heater also has a lot of categories. KOS company as a professional domestic coil heater supplier, for you a brief introduction about the coil heater work classification.

1, Resistance work coil heater

This type of heated object, generally not subject to restrictions, which during operation is very simple. But it requires a large resistivity, and the temperature coefficient of the resistance is consistent with the standard. And the need to ensure that the heated element used for heating, at high temperature is still without deformation and embrittlement.

2, Induction work coil heater

The objects heated by induction work, which must be conductors. As a result, when a high frequency electric current through the object, it will produce a series of skin effect. So that the relevant electric current density through the object surface becomes larger, and the center electric current density is smaller. For such work, the heat treatment can be performed for any part of the object.

3, Electric arc work coil heater

The way of electric arc working has indirect heating and direct heating. At the time of direct heating, the heated object must be a medium or an electrode of the arc. For the indirect heating of the arc, usually by heat of the arc radiation to help objects heating program.

4, Infrared work coil heater

Such an infrared working way is one of the ways which the coil heater suppliers often use in recent years. It is mainly the use of infrared radiate the heated object, and when the object receives the infrared radiation, different levels of radiation will be converted into thermal, thus, the object will heat up quickly.

Today, in different fields, the use of coil heater such elements. There are also some differences between the coil heaters used in all kinds of working ways. To learn more about coil heater, we are welcome to consult our staff at any time. KOS company as a senior domestic coil heater supplier, integrity for every new and old customer service!