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Four Features of Ceramic Coil Heater
Ceramic coil heater has flexible installation, fast heat transfer, good insulation, production without models and specifications size restrictions and other advantages. High working temperature, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, pollution-free, uniform heating precision. It is mainly applied to extrusion, casting and down-stroke machines, operating temperature can reach 450 degrees, the maximum surface load 6.5W/cm. Characteristics are long life, high temperature resistance, energy consumption is reduced by 30%, high insulation, is an extruder , injection molding machine, blowing machine most suitable electric heating product.

1, With winding, such as heating container or pipe, can be bent into an arc or circle package complex on the heated surfaces, such as heating large workpiece, local recovery package complex form, large-area workpiece can use of tile covered form. Moreover, it can be suitable for heating of various geometric shapes.

2, High working temperature, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no pollution, uniform heating precision, can realize automatic control.

3, High mechanical strength, good thermal insulation performance, large contact surface with the heated objects, and long service life.

4, Convenient installation and maintenance, use costs are low, even if the internal heating material damage, while the external ceramic device can still be reused.