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Heating Coil Compare With Traditional Heating
The heating of the modern coil heater has obvious advantages compared with the traditional oil heating and coal heating. For the enterprise not only saves a lot of capital cost is to inprove the work efficiency, improve the work productivity. The coil heater make the contribution for the development of the enterprise is indelible. Here I will use the heating coil heating and use the traditional heating method to make a comparison.

1, Heat loss of traditional heating and coil heater heating comparison:

Traditional heating is extremely susceptible to external factors, the natural change of the outside world is very easy to affect its normal work, can not achieve good work results.

Heating coil is unaffected by outside world basically, it is through the internal resistance wire that converts electrical energy into heat energy to work. As long as power is not cut off, its work will not stop.

2, Heating temperature comparison of traditional heating and heating coil:

Traditional heating due to the most of the heat energy is dispersed in the air, so it is difficult to achieve the required temperature, so the production quality can not be guaranteed.

Heating coil heating can be temperature controlled, single heating coil can reach 2000W of power basically, and it can also be used in series. Therefore, heating coil can meet the people's basic temperature requirements.

3, Traditional heating and heating coil energy-saving comparison:

The traditional heating is based on coal and kerosene as the main fuel for burning, so inevitably will produce many waste gas, serious affect the environment.

Heating coil heating is transformed by the power of work, does not produce any pollution at work, on the environment has played a very good protection, it is very suitable for the development needs of today's society.