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Hot Runner Coil Heater Introduction
Detailed information:


1, designed for hot runner, using high-quality stainless steel materials and strict process technology made into round, square and flat section of a variety of shapes, and with K-type or J-type thermocouples.

2, provides the hot runner manufacturer a flexible and convenient heating strip can be self-wound, solve the contradictory of standard and non-standard hot nozzle (sprue sleeve, nozzles) outer diameter length dimension is not uniform.

Hot runner coil heater is the use of heating cable with thermocouples (round or square) wound into a spring type shaped heating element, is mainly used for hot runner injection molding system. Because hot runner coil heater capable of injection molding system nozzle heating, can control temperature according to the temperature signals provided by thermocouple, thereby improving the injection molding process, hot runner injection molding systems and temperature water system is without outlet material, not require post-processing, but also make the entire molding process is fully automated, improve production efficiency and product quality.