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Hot Runner Coil Heater Knowledge
Hot runner coil heater belongs to the electric heating elements, due to its shape determines the use range is smaller than the other electric heating tubes, hot runner coil heater most commonly used for hot runner plastic mold, blow molding machine, extrusion machine and hot nozzle (sprue bushing and the nozzle). According to different dimensions, the specifications of hot runner coil heaters are divided into many varieties, there are hot runner coil heater 2.2*4.0, hot runner coil heater 3.0 * 3.0, the hot runner coil heater 3.5*3.5 etc.

Hot runner coil heater features:

1, the maximum power density: 10W / c, standard power: 4W / c --- 6W / c㎡

2, the outer surface has polishing, sandblasting, blackening three processes.

3, with K type, J type, E type thermocouples.

4, high temperature power wire can choose 200℃ and 300℃ PTFE wire, glass fiber copper wire, glass fiber nickel wire.

5, high temperature sleeve can choice stainless steel woven mesh, glass fiber sleeve (HSM1-B4), waterproof sleeve (HSM1-B5), metal hose (HSM1-B3), linen sleeve (HSM1-B1), high-temperature plastic hose (HSM1-B2).

6, 304 stainless steel material maximum temperature of 750 ℃.

7, can produce straight or round products.

8, hot runner coil heater has circular cross section and square cross section and flat section forms.