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Hot Runner Spring Coil Heater
Hot runner electric coil heater is to use armoured heating cable with thermocouples (round or square) wound into a spring shaped armoured heating element, mainly used for hot runner injection molding system. Because of the hot runner coil heaters capable of heating the nozzle of the injection molding system, and control the temperature through temperature signals provided by thermocouple, thereby improving the injection molding process, hot runner injection molding systems and temperature water system is not an apology outlet material, not require post-processing, but also make the entire molding process is fully automated, improve production efficiency and product quality.

1, It uses a proprietary internal micro-coil design to provide injection nozzles, small high watt density, in a concentrated area, such as heat transfer pipes, hot knife, focus room.

2, Designed for hot runner design, using high quality stainless steel materials and strict process technology to produce into round, square and flat shaped cross of various shapes, and with K-type or J-type thermocouples.

3, Hot runner manufacturer provides a flexible and convenient self-heating strip wound to solve the contradictions producted by standard and non-standard hot mouth (runner sets, nozzles) outer diameter length dimension is not uniform.

4, After annealing the heater manufacturing, so as to obtain a high plasticity, so that they are then bent into any complex shape is extremely narrow bending radius.