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Introduction Electromagnetic Induction Coil Heater
Something about electromagnetic induction coil heater

Used on the current market plastics processing machinery is electric coil heater heating, and then transmitted to the cylinder, there is a heat conduction losses and cause the ambient temperature rises. Only close to the inner surface of the cylinder heat transfer to the barrel, and most of the outer heat dissipation into the air, causing heat loss. The electromagnetic heating technology is self-heating of the metal cylinder and the outer cylinder wrapped with insulation materials, greatly reducing the thermal conduction loss and heat loss to the air and improve the thermal efficiency and avoid the ambient temperature rise, and therefore the energy-saving effect is very significant, up to 30% to 75%. Therefore electromagnetic coil heater itself does not heat, but it's the use of insulation materials and high temperature cable manufacturing, so there is no problem of original electric coil heater resistance wire oxidation at high temperature and shorten the service life, has advantages of long service life, fast heating rate, no need for maintenance, etc., reduce the repair time and lower costs.

Electromagnetic induction coil heater installation and commissioning:

Installation and commissioning electromagnetic coil heater is relatively simple: remove the original electric coil heater, on the heated object wrapped in a layer of thermal insulation material, then set the electromagnetic induction coil heater on the object being heated. Change the original electric coil wire connected to the input line of electromagnetic heating controller, the installation is complete. To ensure the original equipment instead electromagnetic coil heater the original production process unchanged, the original operating procedures unchanged, in the design according to the different performance between the two heating methods, the electromagnetic coil heater has been reduced about 30% power usage, and the electromagnetic heating controller is designed the power adjustment and power protection. So the commissioning process is quite simple, the user can according to the instructions to debug.

Electromagnetic coil heaters are applied in plastic products, plastic film, pipes, profiles and similar industries manufacturers, and achieved good results, with easy installation, strong interchangeability features, but also for manufacturers made more than ever better economic benefits.

The main product features:

1, using electromagnetic induction heating, electromagnetic induction coil heater mounted outside the heated object, by electromagnetic induction heating.

2, good energy-saving effect: compared with the electric coil heater currently used, saving up to more than 30%.

3, convenient installation: with circular and opening of two kinds of structure, and in between the pipe and the coil insulation, further increasing the heat efficiency and the heat preservation effect.

4, large power density: single electromagnetic induction coil heater can replace the original 2-3 electric coil heaters.

5, low operating cost, less maintenance, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

6. Application: injection molding machine, granulator plastic injection machines, extruders, blown film machine, drawing machine, hollow machine, plastic film, pipe, wire and other machines.