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Replace Coil Heater
Replace the hot runner heating coil method

A heating coil replacement

1 , after waiting for the mold to cool, remove the hot half from the mold.

2 , remove the retaining ring ( another effect of retaining ring is fixed heat nozzle ).

3 , with M3 screws mounted on the lifting holes, remove the hot nozzle, attention coil heaters can not be squeezed.

4 , remove the snap ring and coil heater heat shield.

5 , holding the hot nozzle head, and turned clockwise and gradually pull the coil heater from the hot nozzle.

6 , when installing a new silk , coil heater should be closely aligns with the hot nozzle body , coil heater front should reach the front end of the hot nozzle core annular groove.

7 , clockwise change the heating coil, moves to the heat nozzle head, to ensure that the heating wire to completely reach the hot nozzle front-end, pay attention to the distribution of the coil heater in the hot nozzle, on both ends closer and middle sparser.

8 , fitted with coil heater heat shield, if the heat shield is tight, check the heating coil is installed in place or not.

9 , installed snap spring and tested coil heater standard resistance values and calculate the power ( engraved with standard power on the heating coil ), tested thermocouple resistance value ( 0 or less resistance ).