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The Misunderstanding Of Selecting Coil Heater
1. The power bigger the better: Electric wire heater resistor is chosen according to the setting of power, the power greater the total resistance is smaller. The resistivity of the heating wire has a suitable range, if the resistivity is too large or too small, it requires a very short or very long, very fine or very thick heating wire, so that the big or small power of the electric heater has a difficulty in the manufacture and use. An important parameter of the heating wire is the surface power. The resistivity is too large, after the access to certain current, surface power is large. So a low-power electrical on the use of small diameter and small current, but the current size is determined by the size of resistance, the heating wire length and diameter are calculated.

If the blind pursuit of big power, is to increase the surface area to ensure the surface power will not be exceeded. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the power and current must be large enough, so that the surface area under certain circumstances there is a limit to the power. The production of over power electric heater, quality can not be guaranteed.

2. The thinner the better: Some customers in the selection of the heater insisting thin and as a sign to determine the manufacturer strength. In fact, without requiring power and service life circumstances, the thickness of only 0.5 heaters can be made, just a little complicated of process.

3. With color judgment: Some European and American coil heaters surface grayish green and some domestic production of heaters high brightness. In fact, these are related to surface treatment, and even some manufacturers cut corners less tempering process.

4. The softer the better: Soft heater surface armored metal generally using a special copper to made, in addition to this all the work processes are the same with other armored heaters. This copper each MOQ from abroad requires a great, but the total market demand of soft heater is not great, so generally manufacturers do not want to produce.

The standards to judge coil heater quality:

1. Heating evenly, long life
2. Good vibration resistance and enclosed, corrosion resistance
3. Good pressure resistance