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The hot runner coil heater is mainly used for hot runner molding machine or other precision heating system. Spring heating coil external using high quality Ni-Cr steel tube, the internal use of high-purity Mgo, high temperature resistance wire, and first-class manufacturing technology. The coil/cable heater is after the annealed, with flexibility can be formed into a variety of shapes. Flat, spiral configurations can be used in high-tech manufacturing while a star wound cable can be used for air and gas heating. Its high working temperature, fast heating, uniform heating precision, long service life, can be automatically controlled area, high thermal conduction, while internal heating material damage, external can be reuses.

Coil heaters and cable heaters are made from several different types of materials and typically include insulation. Sleeve, sheath, and jacket materials include aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel alloy, steel, and stainless steel. Insulation materials include ceramics, mica, minerals, and fiberglass. Mica is highly resistant to acids while fiberglass is impervious to many caustics. Some coil heaters and cable heaters may be fully or partially immersed in heated substances, while others are corrosion-resistant or suitable for cryogenic use. Clamping straps provide additional protection for coils and connections. We can divide the coil heaters into 3 types, square convolute type, round convolute type, flat convolute type.

There are many applications for coil heaters and cable heaters. For example, larger devices are used in plastic injection molding machines, holding tanks, metallurgical analyzers, and pulp and paper processing. Coil heaters and cable heaters are also used in blow molding machines, oil reclamation equipment, and food and candy extruders. Smaller, localized devices are used in labeling, bag sealing, hot stamping, and packaging equipment. All items are manufactured as per CE Criteria, and satisfy operating requirement of most machines.
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